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Our WBC hive, made from Canadian Western Cedar comes flat packed.

We offer WBC hive with the standard size brood box and also with the deeper 14x12 brood box. 

The complete hive consists of:
  • Gabled Roof
  • Varroa mesh floor with legs, 2 entrance slides & inspection tray - floor fully assembled
  • 1 Lift with Porch
  • 2 additional Lifts*
  • 1 Brood box, choose standard deep or 14x12
  • 2 Supers
  • Wire Framed Queen Excluder
  • Crown board with 2 porter bee escapes
Full assembly instructions and nails are included.

*You will need to buy an additional lift if you wish to fit 2 supers on your hive.

Cedar is a beautiful wood that needs no painting, it will naturally turn a lovely grey colour over the years.

Dimensions for internal boxes:
Standard Brood Body Depth - 8 7/8"
14" X 12" Brood Body Depth - 12 1/2"
Super Depth - 5 7/8"
The brood box holds 10 frames.  There are around 45,000 cells in the standard brood chamber or in the 14x12 brood chamber 65,500 cells
Bottom Bee Space
Frame Sizes
Top Bar length – 17”
Deep side bars (brood) – 8 ½”
14” x12” side bars (brood) – 12”
Shallow side bars (Super) – 5 ½”
Foundation sizes
Deep (brood) – 13 7/16” x 8”
14 x 12 (brood) – 13 7/16” x 11 ½”
Shallow (super) – 13 7/16” x 5”

The hive does not come with frames, please order these separately.
If stock is not available on this product please email me to order, thanks Becky
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