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Hi Becky,
Just thought I would let you know how pleased I am.. 19 days after introducing the cages, the AMM queen has laid 3 full frames of brood - all like the picture attached and the Carniolan has been busy too! I have put the Carniolan into a brood-and-a-half and she has laid into the half already.

Hi Becky

We just wanted to say how pleased we are with the bees you supplied, they have settled in very well and are very content and working hard. You provided such a wonderful service.

Kind regards.

Alison and Martin

Hello Becky and Sian

....just to say thanks for the quality and efficient delivery of the nucleus hives....

Well put together and a quality product.

.....also dispatched so quickly! a newcomer....When you need fondant, you generally need it in a hurry... the trust of quick delivery is vital, you fulfilled that excellently meaning I can always trust the service in the future.



Hi Becky.
I just wanted to thank you for the great service you provide.
Always so quick.
Was desperate for an eke, and it was with me the following day.


Just like to say all your carniolian queens this year and last,have all been good laying. All hives are doing extremely well and producing surplus honey. Temperament very gentle and a pleasure to handle. Excellent worker's at low temperature. 100% success in introducing all your Queens through nucs. 

Thank you for always keeping me updated about deliveries as it helps me to control things.

The season up here in Scotland has been a bit up and down but a good surplus expected. One hive with over 120lbs and still gathering lots of Balsam.

Thanks Norman

Hi Becky and team,

Thanks for your latest email.

I bought in my first ever mated queen from you this year in May. I was a bit apprehensive. She quickly turned into a real success and now leads a strong hive with lots of brood.


Phil W

Dear Becky,

I would like to thank you very much for my Bees today.They travelled home without any problems and we housed them in their new Hive by 9-30am.They have settled in well and were bringing in Pollen by 4pm.

My Club Mentor said that it is the Best Colony she has seen for a long time and by far the best Nuc Box. She was really impressed. I am really please with them and I would like to thank you again very much.

Kind regards,


Dear Becky
That is incredibly quick despatch, many thanks. I see you do a top and bottom Bee Suite, individual pieces, that look perfect. Hope to be back with you soon to secure the top if not the trousers too.
Thank you for the great customer service to date.
Kind regards
Dear Becky
I received the gloves the following day.
Thanks very much for an excellent service.
Yours sincerely

Hi Becky & Michelle
Just a quick note to say thank you for the two recent deliveries, 3 x AMM last week and 3 x Slovenian Carniolan this week. All queens and support workers arrived safe and sound and are in their new homes. I'm very impressed by your service each time I use you.
I particularly liked the fact that you marked the queens. It's very helpful as I struggle to see the queen on the frames.
Keep up the good work; I intend to use you again in the future :-)
Regards from Karl

PS for info, I ordered a couple of queens from you last year and was impressed by the prompt and professional response.

Just a quick thanks for the lovely, lively Italian Queen 👑 you supplied last week.  
Followed your guidance re Queen 👑 introduction excellent advice. . . The Italian royalty is a happy 😊 girl in her 6 frame Nuc
Regards Roger 

Hi Becky
Many thanks for a super efficient service, less than 24 hours from ordering on line and collecting from Rob in Headley.


Wow what a brilliant service, that was super fast thanks very much

Dear Becky
I just wanted to congratulate you on the delivery system you use with
such a small delivery window In fact delivery was an hour early !
Well done and thank you

Hi Michelle,
I just wanted to tell you that the new queen has performed extremely well and the colony has expanded dramatically and will be a colony and a half in 2016. The colony also provide two lots of honey for St Uny School where each of 288 children have enjoyed cooking with it.
David Woods - Outdoor Learning voluinteer

Hello becky this is gerrard and this is the carniolan queen i got from you. every box is full of bees, eggs, brood, capped honey and pollen. This is a true testement to the quality of your bees. hope to do business with you next year.

Thank you for your prompt and efficient service, My order did arrive today.
Many Thanks

Hello Becky, I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how the bees are doing. since collection on June 12th, the colony has been an absolute delight to watch and to handle. Some 6 weeks later, there is a full and active hive with one full super and another being drawn. The bees are of a superb temperament, the best I have handled in all my beekeeping. I can cut the grass right up to the hive with no followers!
No swarms came my way this summer so I will have to look at splitting this hive next year or buying another of your excellent nukes. I will be keen to see how they overwinter.  I am delighted with your product and get great satisfaction from watching them on the flight board from my seat near the hive.
All success to you and your team.
Kindest regards, Martin Torbett

Hi Becky,
Thanks for taking the time to reply.
Yes I did receive the parcels on Friday. UK Mail were not able to clarify what the delay was.
Whilst I'm writing, can I say how impressed I am with the whole polynational nuc hive and additional parts, not to mention the quality of the service. Exactly what I've been looking for!!

Just a quick email to say many thanks to all a beckys , such a fast friendly service, easy and comfortable ordering with Michelle and will fully recommend you to all . Many thanks steve Boram