Meet the Team



We are honeybee farmers based in Andover, Hampshire and Headley, Berkshire. We have over 200 honey production colonies sited in apiaries across the two counties. We not only sell live bees, mated queens and the associated beekeeping equipment and supplies, we also sell our own honey which you can find on our sister site.


Becky's Beezzzs was born out of a passion that we share for bees, even now with over 600 colonies to look after, many of which are for nuc production, we still find ourselves fascinated by the honeybees ability to adapt and grow in our ever changing climate and environment. Our business has slowly grown organically with the addition of seasonal workers and an apprentice under the Rowse Honey Apprenticeship Scheme. 


As a small team we hope to share the incredible passion that we have for our honeybees by bringing our expertise and care to every nuc and hive that we handle. Every member of the team loves and cares for our bees like they are their own, and we love to share this in our outreach talks to local schools in addition to conducting a small amount of practical experience days throughout the season.



Director & Office Manager


Becky has always been an outdoorsy person but was stuck in an office working in logistics.  She left the corporate world after becoming pregnant with her second son Jake.


14 years ago she decided to take up beekeeping as a hobby after becoming fixated on ironically the actual logistics of honey production. She was mentored by two local beekeepers, one of which was Rob her now business partner. Becky's Beezzzs grew naturally from there.


Becky is heavily involved with the Beefarmer's association as she is now on the board of directors. She has a particular passion for community outreach and in the future she hopes to do more talks in schools and community groups.



Director & Head Beekeeper


Rob first had bees 52 years ago, he had to give them up when he moved into the city, but he quickly picked up beekeeping again later in life.


Rob was running 30 hives when he began mentoring Becky and they decided to build a business together.


With two other businesses, Rob brings a wealth of business knowledge as well as years of bee experience to pass on to his co-workers.



Apprentice Beekeeper


George is our apprentice starting his first year with us in 2020. George began his beekeeping journey as a hobbyist, with two hives that he still manages when he finds the time to go back to his hometown in Gloucestershire.


He has a affinity to nature, constantly seeking to extend his knowledge of nectar and pollen rich plants in the surrounding areas of our apiaries. His fascination for the outdoors means that we are provided with some brilliant photography that we're able to use throughout our website and social media posts.


George has been learning at the speed of light, and already has the practical woodworking to put the rest of the team to shame. His innovative ideas have revolutionized how our unit is managed.




Head of Queen Production


Nika is very excited to be joining the team in 2021 – after many years in the industry, she has come to learn that husbandry and looking after young queens are the aspects of the job that she loves the most.


A native of California, Nika began her beekeeping journey as an unofficial apprentice with the distinguished Mraz family in the USA, who continue to be supportive champions of her career. She has since worked professionally in New Zealand, France, and with the Robson family in the Scottish Borders. She has a passion for travel, having previously worked in the travel industry, and is definitely the sort of person who will spend an entire holiday seeking out beekeepers to meet and shadow – just weeks before the 2020 pandemic began, Nika was helping beekeepers in Tasmania harvest their leatherwood honey crop.


Nika has also previously worked in the London theatre industry, as well as a cellar hand in the wine industry – when she’s not working with bees she can often be found reading scripts for playwriting competitions, and her quest for 2021 is to make the world’s finest sparkling mead.



Office Mascot


Roxy has almost been here from the start of the conception of Becky's Beezzs. Although she doesn't do much active beekeeping anymore, she always manages to bring a smile to everyone's face when they come by the office, she is the most invaluable member of the team!