How do I order?

Orders are best put through via the online shop, but we can also take orders over the phone and via email. Please do bear in mind that we are remarkably busy during the season so it may be quicker for you to order online.

Do you have a cut of time for ordering queens to be posted same day?

We don’t have a specific cut of time but our post is normally collected around 3:30pm.

Are your queens marked?

Yes all our queens are marked

Are your queens mated?

Yes, we only sell mated queens here

Are your queens clipped?

No, we don’t offer a clipped service for mated queen either

Do you post queens?

Yes, we offer a guaranteed next day delivery service as well as 1st Class Post.

How much is postage on queens?

1st class post is included in the price of the queen. Guaranteed next day service is £6.00

Will I receive confirmation when my queen is dispatched?

Yes, we will email you to confirm dispatch

Will the postman leave the queen in my postbox?

If your queen is posted out guaranteed for next day service, you will be required to be home to receive and sign for your queen. If you are not home Royal Mail will take the package back to the sorting office and you will have to collect. We can always delivery to a work address if you prefer.

How do I introduce a queen?

There is no fail-safe queen introduction method but we have some advice here

Can I use a queen only to start bee keeping?

No. A queen on her own will not start a colony.

Do you post queens on Fridays for delivery on Saturday?

Yes. Saturday delivery does incur a small extra charge.

Do you supply an introduction cage?

Yes, the queens come in cages that can be used for introduction.

My Queen looked small when she arrived, is this normal?

When queens are out of the hive and not laying they do shrink back in size. This is also true if they become dehydrated which can happen during very hot weather. Once in the hive and looked after by your bees and she starts to lay she should plump back up again.


Will the queen in my nuc be marked?


Can I ask for the queen in my nuc to be clipped?


What if I can't collect my nuc on the date offered?

We will offer that particular nuc to the next customer and sort out an alternative date for you.

What is the difference between an Overwintered Nuc and a Spring Nuc?

An overwintered nuc will have the queen from the previous year in it and will ordinarily be ready about a month earlier than a spring nuc.

What type of frames do you use?

We use self spacing frames in all our nucs, we sell nucs on National, Commercial, 14x12 and Langstroth frames.

When is it best to order?

Order as early as possible as we process orders by date.

When are spring nucs ready?

Spring nucs are usually ready end May/Beginning June but this is weather dependant.

When are overwintered nucs ready?

Overwintered nucs are usually ready end April/Beginning May, this is weather dependant as we must be able to carry out some inspections to ensure they nucs are expanding before we let our overwintered nucs go to customers.

Do you post nucs?

Yes, the cost of posting nucs is around £30, they are sent by Royal Mail Special Delivery to arrive before 1pm the following day.

Do you post nucs out on Fridays?

No, we don’t post nucs out on Fridays just in case there are any delays with Royal Mail as it could be fatal to the bees if your nuc is with Royal Mail over the weekend.

How much is postage on nucs?

Approx £30 per nuc.

How do I install a nuc?

We send you out a caresheet before you get your bees which has details of how to install your nuc in your hive.

Will I receive confirmation when my nuc is dispatched?

Yes, we would never sent out a nuc a bees with prior arrangement with you. You must be home to receive and sign for your bees when they are delivered.

What do I need to bring when collecting my nuc?

You don’t need to bring anything when you collect your bees however it is always a good idea to have a beesuit to hand when travelling with bees.

How do I cancel my Nuc order?

If you need to cancel your nuc order please do so by email.

Are your nucs UK bred?

Yes, we raise all our own nucs here

Do you sell top bar nucs?

A nuc is not suitable for Top bar hives. The best way to populate a top bar hive is with a a package or a swarm

Are your nucs treated?

Yes, all our colonies, full hive and nucs, are treated in spring

Where do I collect my bees from?

Collections are from Andover, Hampshire

Can I inspect my nuc when I collect?

Your nuc will be all ready for you when you collect from our unit. The bees will have been sealed in earlier that day. If you were to open them and inspect them you would lose too many flying bees. We offer a guarantee on all our nucs so if you have any concerns about your nuc when you arrived home we are here to help.


Are your queens marked?


Where do I collect my bees from?


Can I collect my package bees over a weekend?

We only offer 1 collection day for packages, this will be advised a few days in advance.

When are package bees ready?

Usually around April

Do you post package bees?

Due to the fragile nature of packages we are unable to post them.

Do I need a Package of Bees or a nuc?

Packages are usually 1kg /1.5kg of bees with a mated queen, no frames.  The queen is caged and some separate to the bees. Packages are not easy to handle and we do not recommend them for beginners. They can easily reject the queen and require lots of feeding until they have become established and have plenty of their own food stores. They are good for populating top bar hives, warre hives etc.  If you have a conventional hive with removal frames look at buying a nuc instead.

Where do your packages come from?

Either The Czech Republic or northern Italy


Is the queen in my full colony marked?


Can I ask for the queen to be clipped?


What type of frames do you use?

we use self spacing frames for all our colonies

Where do I collect my bees from?

Andover Hampshire

When are full colonies ready?

usually from April onwards right through to August

Do you post full colonies?

due to the size and weight of full colonies we are unable to ship them they are collection only

What do I need to bring when collecting my full colony?

Your full colony would have been closed up early in the day and will be strapped ready to be transported.  It is always recommended that you have a bee suit to hand when transporting honey bees.