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Our National hives, made from Canadian Western Red Cedar, are designed not just so they look beautiful at the end of the garden but so that they are also practical to use.  As standard our varroa mesh floors come fully assembled, the roof, brood box and supers are flat packed making the hive easy to ship.  

A full hive comprises of:
  • Shallow 4" roof or Deep 8" Roof
  • British National Brood Box
  • 2 British National Supers
  • Crownboard with 2 porter bee escape holes
  • A choice of a harmless plastic queen excluder, a wired or wired framed queen excluder.
  • Open Mesh Floor with entrance block and ply varroa tray fully Assembled
The Deep Roofs are designed so that you can put a rapid feeder or fondant pack directly onto the crown board without the use of an eke.

Our floors are open mesh, giving good ventilation and come with a ply inspection tray for varroa control.  The inspection tray can be put in during winter to help the bees keep the hive warm but also ensuring they still have good ventilation. 

Choosing any of the above options may vary the price.  The additional prices can be see next to each extra and these are added when you add the item to your basket.  All prices quoted include vat.

If you want a bigger brood box, to give the queen more laying room, you can order all the individual hive parts separately and chose either a commercial brood box for a 14x12 brood box.

Hive dimensions for standard national hive:

External hive dimensions - 18 1/8" Square.
Brood Body Depth - 8 7/8"
14" X 12" Brood Body Depth - 12 1/2"
Super Depth - 5 7/8"
The brood box holds 11 frames with a dummy board or 12 frames without.
Based on 11 frames there are around 50,000 cells in the brood chamber
The 14x12 brood chamber with 11 frames in will give 72,000 cells
Bottom Bee Space
Frame Sizes
Top Bar length – 17”
Deep side bars (brood) – 8 ½”
14” x12” side bars (brood) – 12”
Shallow side bars (Super) – 5 ½”
Foundation sizes
Deep (brood) – 13 7/16” x 8”
14 x 12 (brood) – 13 7/16” x 11 ½”
Shallow (super) – 13 7/16” x 5”

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