The HoneyBee Inside Out, Celia Davis
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2nd Edition

A great Celia Davis book with eight illustrated chapters. Full colour and well illustrated, The Honey Bee Inside Out is an excellent publication for anyone wanting to find out about the internal workings of the honeybee.

With 160 pages of detailed information about the anatomy and physiology of the honey bee, each of the eight copiously illustrated chapters covers a new aspect of bee biology. The author has drawn most of the diagrams from her own dissections, giving a realistic rather than an idealistic impression of the parts involved.


  • The External Bodywork
    • Foundations
    • The Exoskeleton
    • New Skins for Old
    • Mouthparts
    • Honey bee mouthparts
    • Antennae
    • Legs and gadgets
    • Using the gadgets
    • Wings and flight
    • The sting
    • The external differences between workers, queens and drones
  • Internal Workings
    • The digestive system
    • Fat bodies
    • The circulatory system
    • The respiratory system
    • The excretory system
    • The worker glands
  • Control Systems
    • A bundle of nerves
    • The central nervous system
    • Making sense of it
    • The sensilla
    • Eyes
    • The endocrine system
  • Breeding
    • Simple (?) mendelian genetics
    • Inheritance in the honey bee
    • Reproduction
    • Mating behaviour
    • Matings between subspecies of honey bees
  • Growing Up
    • The egg
    • The larva
    • The prepupa and pupa
    • Queen or worker?
  • Keeping it all Together
    • A matter of age
    • Communication
    • Pheromones
    • Dances and vibrations
    • Defending the colony
  • Colony Reproduction
    • Swarming is colony reproduction
    • Building comb
  • Inside and Outside Influences
    • A year in the life of a honey bee colony
    • Keeping cool and keeping warm
    • Worker bees in winter and summer
    • Provisions
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