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Unfortunately the Rauchboy smoker is no longer made but we have found this alternative Beekeeping Smoker

Rauchboy Smokers. Here at Beckys bees we use and sell only one type of smoker, the Rauchboy.

In all smokers, the fuel needs a constant supply of oxygen. Unfortunately, the design of many smokers makes an even supply of oxygen impossible. After only a few minutes, the smoke material, swelling with condensation, closes the fire chamber off and the air circulation constantly drops and the fire goes out.

The beekeeper can delay this process a little by using materials that glow longer, or by using the bellows. Both methods cause extra, unnecessary work for beekeepers and are also highly unreliable. Any delay, for example, searching for the queen, reduces the fire. It then has to be fanned up again with considerable effort, or even rekindled. If this is to be avoided, adequate air circulation should be ensured at all times.

In a series of tests, the beekeeper Hermann Link succeeded in identifying the cause of the problem and solving it. With the Rauchboy, he has developed a smoker whose internal design ensures constant air circulation through the embers. Compaction of the fuel can no longer have any adverse effects, as the air flow can emerge at the sides and thus ensure an even supply oxygen.

The slot at the bottom of the smoker always guides the air flow through the combustion area first and closes the 3 chambers that characterise the Rauchboy. It is therefore ready to operate at all times, and even after a coffee break the beekeeper can reckon with smoke immediately with a single press on the bellows.

A little note from Becky: When I started beekeeping I was given my first smoker which I was very grateful for and I do still have today somewhere at the back of the bee shed. It was not always easy to light and when I eventually did get it going I would have to make sure I gave the bellows a good squeeze every minute or two or it would go out. I started working with my bee buddy, Rob and I noticed his smoker never seemed to go out. It would always smoke no matter how long he left it and he didn't have to go mad squeezing the bellows!, and he always had his lit quicker than me. He would be busy doing something else while I struggled to get mine going and then he would just drop the internal chamber into the body and off he went. I soon brought one myself and i am now never without smoke! I use the Rauchboy 1, most of our sites have between 20 and 25 hives. They really do exactly what they say on the tin! 

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