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How Do Bees Make Honey?

Honey bees make honey from the nectar of flowers. They suck up the nectar with their proboscis (tongue) and carry the nectar back to the hive in their stomachs where they then pass it to other worker bees who take it and store it in cells they have made themselves with beeswax produced from their own wax glands. The water is evaporated out of the nectar by the bees fanning the honeycomb with their wings. When the honey is ready each individual cell is sealed with a white beeswax capping. The capping keeps the honey fresh for the bees to eat over winter or when the weather is bad and they can't get out to forage.
You may wonder why our honey can vary in taste and colour from jar to jar. This is because the flavour and colour of the honey depends on the floral nectar source and can vary between locations and even between hives which are side by side in the same apiary. The honey from each of our apiaries is harvested separately so that you can be sure that the honey you buy from a store near you is local to you.

Our honey is a mixture of nectar gathered from a wide range of flowers in a three mile radius of our apiaries which are sited across Hampshire and Berkshire. To make one single jar of honey our bees will visit about 2 million flowers!
The Benefits Of Local Honey

If you suffer with allergies, especially hay fever, you can benefit from taking honey every day. As the bees collect the nectar from the plants they also collect the pollen. Some of the pollen ends up in the honey but as the pollen amount is so small it does not bring on symptoms but instead acts in the same way a vaccination does by building up the bodies own immune defence so that when its hay fever time your body has its own defence ready and you no longer suffer.

Honey also has powerful antimicrobial properties making it a good natural medicine. Taking honey for sore throats and colds, with or without the addition of lemon, will bring you welcome relief and it can help to clear your symptoms up quicker. Honey is also a natural antiseptic and can be used to help heal wounds and ulcers more quickly.
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