Mated Queens
We offer a variety of naturally mated queens here at Becky's Beezzzs which are available weekly from early April through to the end of August/early September.  The races we offer are Buckfast, Carniolan, Carpathian, Ligustica and Mellifera Mellifera. 

Queens are in the mating nucs for a minimum of 4 weeks and are only harvested from sealed brood. This allows time to observe the laying pattern and viability of the queen.  If you have any questions or need advice please don't hesitate to get in touch with us either by email or telephone.

call for queen availability 01264 351104
2020 Mated Buckfast Cross Queen
(Ex £38.00)
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2020 Mated Carniolan Queens
(Ex £38.00)
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Queen Clip Cage
(Ex £4.79)
Queen Introduction Cage
(Ex £1.71)
Queen Marking Pen
(Ex £3.96)
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Queen Marking Cage
(Ex £4.66)
Queen Travelling & Introduction Cage
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