Polystrene National Hives
Our polystyrene National hives are made from a high density material.  The hive is durable, light weight and offers great insulation properties to your colony. 

These hives are compatible with your wooden hives so you use your wooden supers with them or use these polystyrene supers on your wooden hives!  This is perfect for those looking to lighten the load a bit on your full supers. Please note that you cannot use a standard wooden roof on top of the supers or brood boxes. 
Polystyrene National Hive
(Ex £113.29)
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Polystrene National Brood Box
(Ex £27.83)
Polystrene National Super
(Ex £23.42)
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Feeder for Polystrene National Hive
(Ex £31.13)
Polystrene National Floor
(Ex £29.08)
Polystrene National Roof
(Ex £25.33)
Plastic Queen Excluder National & Commercial
(Ex £4.96)
Swarm Attractant Wipes
(Ex £11.25)
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Hive Strap Cam Buckle
(Ex £3.33)
Ratchet Hive Strap
(Ex £5.83)
Bee Gym
(Ex £12.15)