Langstroth Cedar Hives
The langstroth hive is a popular hive that is used all over the world.  Our langstroth hives are made with Canadian Cedar. 

The Langsroth hive is rectangular in shape unlike the national and commercial which are square.  It is a little more complicated than a commercial to construct as it has more pieces.  It has large rails like a national which helps with carrying.  The lugs on the frames are short like the commercial and the brood box only holds 10 to 11 frames.  As the frames are bigger than that of a national you do get a bigger brood area. 

Complete Langstroth Hive Red Cedar
(Ex £194.09)
Roof Langstroth Red Cedar
(Ex £45.81)
Langstroth Brood Box Red Cedar
(Ex £43.08)
Langstroth Super Red Cedar
(Ex £26.79)
Langstroth Open Mesh Floor Assembled
(Ex £34.24)
ApiShield Hornet Trap Floor Langstroth
(Ex £41.67)
Crownboard Langstroth
(Ex £12.43)
Wired Framed Queen Excluder Langstroth
(Ex £16.31)
Plastic Queen Excluder Langstroth
(Ex £4.96)
Mouse Guard
(Ex £1.08)
Hive Numbers
(Ex £1.58)
Langstroth Dummy Board
(Ex £6.08)
Travelling Screen Langstroth
(Ex £12.50)
Frame Runner Langstroth
(Ex £1.25)
Out Of Stock
Hive Strap Cam Buckle
(Ex £3.33)
Ratchet Hive Strap
(Ex £5.83)
Bee Gym
(Ex £12.15)
Swarm Attractant Wipes
(Ex £11.25)
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