Commercial Cedar Hives
The commercial hive is a popular hive often used with national supers to give the queen a bigger laying area, there is a 4mm difference overall in the external box sizes but it is hardly noticeable and has not affect on the working of the hive.  Our commercial hives are made from top quality Canadian Cedar. 

Commercial hives are very easy to construct having only 4 components.  They have small hand holds cut into the side of the box for lifting, unlike the national that has big rails.  The frames lugs are shorter which gives a bigger area of wax comb for the queen to lay.  They are bottom bee space and can be used with commercial or national supers.
Commercial Red Cedar Hive
(Ex £204.38)
Deep 8" National & Commercial Roof
(Ex £48.33)
Shallow 4" National & Commercial Roof
(Ex £40.66)
Commercial Brood Box Red Cedar
(Ex £48.55)
Commercial Super Red Cedar
(Ex £32.87)
National & Commercial Open Mesh Floor Assembled
(Ex £32.07)
Crownboard National & Commercial
(Ex £12.42)
Rhombus Clearer Board National & Commercial
(Ex £13.13)
Wired Queen Excluder National & Commercial
(Ex £9.14)
Plastic Queen Excluder National & Commercial
(Ex £4.96)
Hive Stand Red Cedar
(Ex £10.52)
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Commercial Dummy Board
(Ex £6.08)
Entrance Block
(Ex £4.66)
Swarm Attractant Wipes
(Ex £11.25)
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Hamilton Converter Cedar
(Ex £6.87)
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ApiShield Hornet Trap Floor National & Commercial
(Ex £41.67)
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Hive Numbers
(Ex £1.58)
Galvanised Mesh National/Commercial
(Ex £3.84)
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Frame Runners National / Commercial
(Ex £1.25)
Mouse Guard
(Ex £1.08)
Hive Strap Cam Buckle
(Ex £3.33)
Ratchet Hive Strap
(Ex £5.83)
Bee Gym
(Ex £12.15)