Bee Feed & Feeders
We only sell Ambrosia syrup and fondant, a complete nectar substitute. Our rapid feeders fit under our deep roof with the use on an eke.

We are distributors for Aulumgaard Ambrosia Syrup & Fondant. Please contact us my email for a quote for pallet, palletanks and refills.

All the prices shown include any VAT
Ambrosia Syrup 12.5kg Jerry Can
(Ex £26.00)
Ambrosia Fondant 2.5kg Block
(Ex £5.25)
Ambrosia Fondant Box 12.5kg (5 blocks of 2.5kg)
(Ex £26.00)
Candipolline Gold Box 12kg
(Ex £48.40)
Candipolline Gold 1kg Pack
(Ex £4.40)
4 Pint Rapid Feeder
(Ex £3.75)
Jumbo Feeder National & Commercial
(Ex £24.99)
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