ApiShield Hornet Trap Floor National & Commercial
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The ApiShield hornet trap completely replaces the traditional hive floor during the months of hornet and wasp attacks which is around June to August.

When first installed under a hive, the side entrances should be blocked for at least 3 days with the supplied bars. This teaches the colonys bees to enter only through the hive entrance, which they can protect.


After three days bees from the colony will have learned that their entrance is at the front only. When the bars are removed, the bees will not use the side entrances but predators will enter through these unprotected openings, attracted by the natural scent and sound of the colony. No bait is required. Cone entrances prevent the invaders from leaving the ApiShield trap and they will die from dehydration.

The ApiShield drawer can be checked during regular colony inspections and trapped predators safely disposed of.

Key Facts

  • Protects your bees from wasp and hornet attack
  • Easy to use and low maintenance
  • No mess
  • No bait, chemicals or consumables required
  • Also acts as Varroa floor / screened bottom board
  • Ideal for use in an apiary sentinel hive
  • Highly effective with just one ApiShield trap per five hives in an apiary
  • Protects against robber bees, helping to prevent the spread of disease.
For more information about the trap please visit Vita Europes website

Please note: The floor is made of a soft wood so it does need treating with a suitable bee friendly wood paint/preserver before installation. 
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