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Apis Mellifera Carnica - Mated Carniolan Queen Bee
We are now taking reservations for 2019 Mated Carniolan Queens.  You can reserve online with a deposit of £5 per queen, the queens are £36 each and the balance of £31 per queen, will be invoiced just before the queens are dispatched along with any delivery costs, see below for delivery options.  We can take reserve queens on line up to w/c 4th June online, if you would like to reserve queens for later weeks please email me.  

Please do bear in mind that these are provisional dates and the week may slip back or come forward depending on the weather. As soon as we have more information on dates for when the mated queens will be ready we will email and update you.

About Apis Mellifera Carnica

The Carniolan bees are well suited to our UK climate, they over-winter well and carry a smaller cluster of bees through the coldest periods, which is a clever strategy as this means they do not need quite as much food as some of the other breeds and strains of bees available. They have a superb temperament, we have received so many emails telling us how the Carniolan bees are a pleasure to handle and require very little or no smoke during a hive inspection.

Affectionately known as the "Grey Grizzly Bee", the Carniolan has excellent hive orientation and flying ability adapted from its lineage in the diverse region of Carniola. The Carniolan is a calm character and is now probably the most popular breed of bee kept by non-commercial keepers.

They are not known as "robbing bees" and they also have a low tendency to propolise everything in sight, which makes your inspections much easier.

With very rapid colony development in the spring, good disease resistance, and their famous calm temperament, the Carniolan bee is a great all rounder that is very hard to beat.

We highly recommend this breed to newcomers and experienced bee keepers as they are a joy to work with and can produce high quality honey for your reward.

Our F1 Slovenian Carniolan queens are usually marked with a coloured numbered disc, green for 2019.

All our queens are naturally mated, also known as open mated. We do not clip wings.

About delivery & Ordering
Our first lot of carniolan queens are available from around the middle of May, weather depending.  We have them shipped in weekly and therefore have a constant supply of mated queens available to send out.  Whilst we will do our best to offer your queen order the week you request we cannot always guarantee this.  However we will keep you informed of any delays by email and we also email when your order is ready.

Our queens are usually ready towards the end of the week. We can make delivery of Queen using royal mail 1st class post for which there is no extra cost, by royal mail 1st class signed which is £2.90* or by Guaranteed next day delivery which £6.90* or £11 if you want guaranteed on a Saturday (bear in mind that if queens are ready earlier in the week this may not be possible as we don't like to keep the out of the hives for too long).  Please select your delivery method as you go through the check out, any additional carriage costs will be applied to the invoice for the balance.  Please do note; if you order 4 or more queens to be posted at the same time we will automatically send them via guaranteed next day delivery, at no extra cost, unless you contact us to say otherwise.  Please also note that queens are posted at your own risk and any lost packages by royal mail will need to be followed up yourselves. We do keep proof of posting for all queen orders posted. Please also aware of royal mails insurance polices: 1st class mail is insured up to £20*maximum. 1st class signed for is in insured up to £50* and guaranteed next day up to £500*.  Please see our delivery information page for more information regarding the delivery of live bees.

*please note these prices are correct at the time of printing and are subject to change when Royal Mail review their prices which is usually in April.

If you need any further advice about the queens you can contact either myself or Rob. Information about queen introduction can be found here.

Any queen found dead on arrival will be replaced free of charge providing the cage is returned unopened, immediately and we are contacted via email or telephone the same day. A queen will be replaced once only.

Discounts - Bulk orders, I can offer a £1.50 discount on bulk orders of 10 to 19 queens and £2.00 discount on bulk orders of 20 or more queens; these must be taken in one shipment and will be posted by guaranteed next day delivery at no extra cost to you.  If you wish to order a quantity of 10 or more queens to be taken over the season I can offer a small discount of 50p per queen on each order.  To get these discounts you must email or phone your order through.  A deposit will be taken at the time of ordering.

Many thanks
Becky & Rob

You may also consider using a queen introduction cage; this cage fits directly onto a comb with brood and increases the acceptance rate of the queens.

We request that all buyers of bees and queens register  their colonies with Beebase the National Bee Unit website. It is designed for beekeepers and also supports Defra, WAG and Scotland's Bee Health Programmes along with the Healthy Bees Plan, all of which help to protect and sustain our valuable national bee stocks. There are no costs involved with registering with Beebase, instead it gives you, the beekeeper, the security to know that should a bee health problem arise in your area, your local bee inspector will notify you about it, and if necessary come and inspect your colonies, free of charge.  

By buying your bees and queens from us you are giving us permission to pass your details on the NBU if they request this information from us. If you don't give us permission to pass you details onto them in the event they request them then please let us know at the time of ordering.
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