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Mated Mellifera Mellifera Queen - Apis Mellifera Mellifera

About Apis Mellifera Mellifera

The Mellifera Mellifera are often referred to as the European dark bee, they are quite dark in colour and with stocky bodies. The colonies can build up quite big and the bees are generally quiet on the comb although it is said they run more than other races. The cappings they produce are generally whiter in colour but is also dependent on what they forage on.

The brood rearing starts early in spring; they have a lower tendency to swarm and they are very good at defending the nest against pests i.e. the wasps! Apis Mellifera Mellifera are not a race that are inclined to rob its neighbouring hives. They have excellent flight strength even in cold weather with a strong drive to bring in pollen. It is said that the workers and queens have a longer life than other races.

These F1 Queens are breed by our Greek breeder. They are a family run business who have been raising queens for many generations. All our queens are naturally open mated. We do not sell artificially inseminated queens (AI).

All our queens come marked, Green for 2019, we do not clip wings.

About delivery & Ordering
Our first are available from around early April but this is weather dependant. Whilst we will do our best to send the queens to week you request, we cannot always guarantee this. We do however keep you informed of any delays by email and we also email when the order is dispatched.

We cannot specify the day of the week your queen will be sent out, but they are usually ready towards the end of the week.

Delivery options

  • 1st class post no extra cost
  • 1st class signed £3.05 - you need to sign for this service
  • Guaranteed next day delivery £7.00 - you need to sign for this service
  • Orders of 4 or more queens posted together will be sent Guaranteed next day at no extra cost - you will need to sign for them

Live queens are posted under your instruction and any losses by royal mail may need to be followed up yourselves. We keep proof of posting for all queen orders posted. Please see our delivery information page for more information regarding the delivery of live bees.

Any queen found dead on arrival will be replaced free of charge providing we are contacted immediately, either by email or telephone and the cage is returned unopened the same day. We will replace a dead queen once only.

Prices are correct at the time of printing and are subject to change.

Any queen found dead on arrival will be replaced free of charge providing the cage is returned unopened, immediately and we are contacted via email or telephone the same day. A queen will be replaced once only.

If you need any further advice about the queens you can contact either myself or Rob. Information about queen introduction can be found here.

Many thanks
Becky & Rob

You may also consider using a queen introduction cage; this cage fits directly onto a comb with brood and increases the acceptance rate of the queens.

We request that all buyers of bees and queens register their colonies with Beebase the National Bee Unit website. It is designed for beekeepers and also supports Defra, WAG and Scotland's Bee Health Programmes along with the Healthy Bees Plan, all of which help to protect and sustain our valuable national bee stocks. There are no costs involved with registering with Beebase, instead it gives you, the beekeeper, the security to know that should a bee health problem arise in your area, your local bee inspector will notify you about it, and if necessary come and inspect your colonies, free of charge.

By buying your bees and queens from us you are giving us permission to pass your details on the NBU if they request this information from us. If you don't give us permission to pass you details onto them in the event they request them then please let us know at the time of ordering.

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