14x12 Nuc, deposit only for 2022

14x12 Nuc, deposit only for 2022

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All our nucs are 6 frames in total.  The frames will comprise of brood at all stages, this means eggs, larvae & sealed brood, and frames of food stores.  The nuc will be packed with bees and Queen will be marked.  Our nucs are either Buckfast or Carniolan bees, both of these races are good to handle, gentle quiet bees, and suitable for beginners and the experienced beekeeper. 

All our bees are treated for varroa and all nucs / colonies are fully inspected the day before they leave us.  We have achieved our accreditation to the DASH scheme; Disease Accreditation Scheme for Honeybees, this is a an accreditation set up between the NBU (National Bee Unit, APHA (Animal and Plant Advisory Unit)) and the BFA (Bee Farmers Association).

Still unsure if you want a nuc? Please visit our FAQs to see if we can answer your queries. 

We offer both overwintered nucs and spring nucs:

Overwintered Nucs - ready end of April/beginning of May, headed with last years queen. £300

Spring Nucs - ready from the end of May to Mid July £295

PLEASE NOTE: 14 x 12 Nucs are collection only

We fulfil orders in the order of when they are placed with us so the later you order the later your bees will be ready.

We understand that most of you will be excited to receive your bees but we do ask for you to be patient as until the season fully kicks in it is very difficult for us to convey time scales. As soon as your nucleus of bees is ready we will get in touch to let you know, the balance will be invoiced once we have spoken to you. When your nuc is ready it will be bursting at the seams and be ready to be transferred into a full size hive when it leaves us so please make sure you have your hives ready.  The bee season can be very different year on year and as with anything to do with livestock, nuc production is heavily weather dependant which cannot be foreseen.  We do however try to let you have an approximate date of when your bees are ready once the season gets going.

We are often asked by customers if they can inspect their nuc on the day of collection. Unfortunately, this is not possible as we box the bees up either the evening before collection or very early on the day of collection. If you were to open the nucand inspect it on the day of collection you would lose too many bees which would compromise the quality of the nuc.  We do guarantee all our nucs for a short period of time and offer you full telephone support should you need it.  We will always do our best to offer advice and help you to sort out any problems you may have.

We are taking reservations now with a £40 deposit which you can order here or you can email your order to us and we will email you an invoice for the deposit, remember to include your address and a contact phone number. Our email is beckysbeezzzs@gmail.com The balance plus any delivery costs will be invoiced and emailed over when your bees are ready.


Buy 10 - 19 5% discount £280.00 per nuc
Buy 20 - 29 7% discount £274.00 per nuc
Buy 30 plus 10% discount £265.50 per nuc

We request that all buyers register their new colonies with Beebase the National Bee Unit website. It is designed for beekeepers and also supports APHA, WAG and Scotland's Bee Health Programmes along with the Healthy Bees Plan, all of which help to protect and sustain our valuable national bee stocks. There are no costs involved with registering with Beebase, instead it gives you, the beekeeper, the security to know that should a bee health problem arise in your area, your local bee inspector will notify you about it, and if necessary come and inspect your colonies, free of charge.  By buying your bees from us you are giving us permission to pass your details on the NBU if they ask for them. If you don't give us permission to pass you details onto them in the event they request them then please let us know at the time of ordering.

Please note that all deposits are non-refundable unless we cannot supply your order however if you do have to cancel we will issue you with a gift voucher to spend with us so you don't lose your money.5

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