Mated Queens

At Beckys Bees we take delivery of mated Queen bees on a weekly basis from early April through to mid August all depending on the weather.  The majority of the queens we sell are Carniloan from our associates in Slovenia, as these are such a fantastic breed to work with, however we also offer Ligustica, Buckfast, Mellifera Mellifera and Carpathian queen too.  all our queens are mated.  We do also breed our own queens which are mainly carniolan and buckfast queens.

We have queens for immediate dispatch, Buckfast Cross, Apis Melifera Melifera, Ligustica and Slovenian Carniolan.  Order online or call us on 01264 351104

AMM, Ligustica, Buckfast Cross, Greek Carniolan - available from early to mid April onwards
Slovenian Carniolan - mid may onwards
German Buckfast - early June onwardds

Happy beekeeping to you all, Becky & Rob